Top 7 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products You Must Have

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Have you always wished for a kitchen and kitchen products are alien to plastics of any form? Here's the good news. You can now set up your eco-friendly kitchen and say goodbye forever to the nasty looking polythene bags and delicate paper bags. Here is a list of 7 eco-friendly kitchen products that you must have in your eco-friendly kitchen.

Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit

For starters, get yourself a zero waste kitchen starter kit. You can check out anemone and basilic to find this product. anemone and basilic is one of the top portals to buy eco-friendly products online in the UK. The kit contains three linen produce bags, two unsponges, five cotton unpaper towels and three beeswax food wraps.

The anemone and basilic starter kit is an interesting take on daily use items by the brand. The material used for the produce bag is 100 per cent cotton, which means you can wash and reuse these bags for a long time. It also comes with unspongy sponges that have been prepared with eco-friendliness as the top priority. With this kit, you can do away with the unsightly plastic scrubs, produce bags, etc. and take the first step towards setting up your eco-friendly kitchen.

Beeswax Food Wraps

Most people use cling films to store food items in the refrigerator or otherwise. However, if you are someone who hates to deal with plastic food wraps, try the beeswax food wraps. Not only are they highly efficient in keeping your bread or cheese or even vegetables fresh and crispy, but they can also be used for covering large bowls. This wrap is durable and easy to clean and is a must-have eco-friendly kitchen product. You will love its stunning exterior, smooth texture and the inviting aroma of beeswax.

Linen Produce Bags

Linen produce bags are a great way to do away with plastic and paper bags. The set of linen bags at anemone and basilic, the number one portal to buy eco-friendly products online in UK, are not just stunning but also are extremely useful. Linen is breathable and anti-bacterial, which means its contents will last you longer. The set put together by anemone and basilic comes with one small linen bag and two large bags.