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Common Questions Asked About Our Sustainable Christmas Products!

Why Choose Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents?

Every year tons of plastic waste is generated on Christmas. You can make this festival sustainable by gifting your loved ones our zero-waste products that are not only long-lasting but also look great. 


Are Your Eco-Friendly Products Plastic-Free?

Yes, all our products are plastic-free and have non-toxic formulas. We have curated our Christmas collection with care are better alternatives to their plastic counterparts. Whether you want something for personal use or gift someone something special, our products are an ideal choice. 


 Is Your Packaging Sustainable?

At anemone and basilic, we believe in sustainability. All our products are wrapped in eco-friendly and reusable gift wraps. We are doing our bit for the community and want you to do the same. You can choose from our collection of bathroom and kitchen products and gift your loved one something useful and plastic-free. 


Do You Have Gift-Sets?

Yes, we have many gift-sets that you can give your loved ones. Whether you want to treat someone to a delightful grooming experience or want to pamper someone, we have the right gifts for you to browse from. Our personalized gift-sets are made from the highest quality materials and hand-crafted for perfection. 

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