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Make Your Life Easier with Our Eco-friendly Products On-the-Go!

Using eco-friendly daily-use products is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and also stay-free of toxic chemicals. We understand that finding high-end sustainable products can be overwhelming, that’s why we bring you a range of exciting reusable kitchen and bathroom products on-the-go. 

Our collection features excellent craftsmanship without compromising on quality, style, and functionality. Whether you are looking to gift your loved ones something special or are a traveler looking for sustainable options, we provide excellent options.

Why Should You Use Our Eco-Friendly Daily Use Products?

  • Our reusable kitchen and bathroom products are handcrafted using efficacious non-toxic formulas, eco-friendly packaging, and are available at accessible prices. 

  • Make small changes that promote a healthier lifestyle by switching to our plastic-free products. 

  • Skip disposable, single-use plastic products with our long-lasting reusable essentials.

  • Our products are perfect for your home and your travel needs. Browse through our essential products and choose the one that meets your specific needs.

Add Our Life-Changing Eco-friendly Products to Your Daily Life!

Make a change today and live sustainably and practically with our high-end products! At anemone and basilic, we offer a plethora of eco-friendly products that you can incorporate into your daily life. Take the leap to a sustainable lifestyle by shopping our reusable kitchen and bathroom products. 

For any queries, you can contact us at or fill out our online form!

Common Questions about Our Eco-friendly Products On-the-Go

Which Eco-Friendly Products Can be Used in Daily Life?

You can use several environmentally friendly alternatives for your daily use products. We feature a wide assortment of on-the-go products such as sandwich wraps, snack bags, bowl covers, travel mugs, tote bags, and more in different shades and sizes. Feel free to check out our selection and buy eco-friendly everyday products at great prices!

How Can Your Eco-Friendly Products Help the Environment?

Everyone has the responsibility to prevent climate change. For example, everyone uses some kind of bag to carry the essentials. Instead of using a plastic or leather bag, you can help the environment by choosing eco-friendly tote bags. Anemone and basilic provide the best eco-friendly alternatives to help you make better lifestyle choices. We aim to make this transformation easy for you by ensuring easy access to eco-friendly daily use products.

What Products Do You Offer for Eco-Friendly Travelling?

We are committed to helping individuals looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. For travelling, we feature a wide range of on-the-go products such as travel mugs, linen bento bags, furoshiki, cutlery wraps, tote bags, snack bags, and more.

Is Your Packaging Plastic-Free?

Yes! Our packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. We pack our orders using recyclable cardboard boxes, Jiffy Green envelopes, reused boxes from various deliveries, foam peanuts or bubble wraps originally received from our suppliers, and eco paper parcel tape made using renewable kraft paper.

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