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Last year, we came up with a brilliant idea. We were going to bake and sell biscuits. Hurray! Long story short : you’re lucky we didn’t. Trust us. They were horrendous.

However, we had so much fun we decided we clearly had to work and create something together. At the time, we both aimed to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but struggled to buy on the same platform products that matched our taste and interiors . Furthermore, we wanted them to be handmade, not only to value craftsmanship, but also for the quality and very unique feeling we were looking for.

We thought it would be fantastic to share with others our beautiful finds, and in the blink of an eye, anemone and basilic was born.


To be honest, although the eco-friendly approach was very dear to us, we were quite new to the journey. Our consciousness definitely grew with our project, and still is.

We carefully selected and tested all our products as if they were for ourselves, and have actually included them in our daily lives.


We love every single one of them and hope you will too.


Anne Caroline and Dominique


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