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Meet the amazing artisans and businesses we have decided to represent. They are all driven by the same passion to create handmade products that will help us live a more environmental friendly life without compromising with style.

Abril's interest for sewing started from an early age when she was given her grandmother’s old foot pedal sewing machine. She now owns Pepita Calabaza. Her unique dolls are designed and made with love, care and patience in her little Valencia studio. In order to respect both children’s delicate skin and the environment, she only works with high quality natural fabrics and dyes.

Alexandra and Belen’s lives crossed paths again after almost twenty years, as they both embarked on the motherhood adventure. Thrilled to relive their old playdates through their daughters, they began creating toys for them. This is how ALETA Kids was born. 

They wanted their children to play with natural materials and chose wood because it is sturdy, safe (non-toxic), environmentally friendly (biodegradable and renewable), durable (they can be easily passed along from generation to generation) and beautiful.

ALETA Kids toys are designed in New York and handmade in Spain.

Anna Marie’s adventures started when she was introduced to the knitted dishcloths her mother-in-law had received from her cousin Claudia, better known as “Toockie”. She very quickly became dependent on them, and began to think about how she might start a home business with the help of women who needed a bit of extra money.

A few years later, she met Jaya who had started a non-profit for children in India, and shared her interest in the “greater good”. They decided to work together and make a difference for women and their families in Nababpur, India using a Fair-Trade system. Today, over 230 women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living are mobilised and trained to create Toockies® products.

Austeja, the owner of Cerawrap, produces her beeswax wraps in her manufacture in Kaunas, Lithuania.

She is a passionate, perfectionist woman who after months of effort, work and perseverance managed to create the ideal beeswax wraps : a subtle combination of fabric, beeswax, gum, resin and oil. They are not only practical and environmentally friendly, but also very elegant.

My Boo Company, a French brand based in Nantes, was born from a simple observation : there is too much plastic waste in our daily lives. Its creators Camille and Benoît therefore decided to limit their impact on the environment, and encourage others to do the same. Their idea was to offer something slightly different but with a significant impact. Thanks to their attractive bamboo toothbrushes, one can make a huge gesture to our planet without changing habits. Mission complete.

Caroline is a multidisciplinary designer based in the South West of France. Strongly opposed to mass production and consumption, she founded la maison E in order to promote a simple and authentic lifestyle. The beautifully handcrafted creations she edits are functional, timeless, and ordered in reasonable quantities. The talented artisans she works with only use natural materials, and the colours of their collections change with the seasons. The soaps you will find on anemone and basilic have been formulated and made by Delphine, a qualified pharmacy technician.

Debbie, the founder of Tabitha Eve, started her own personal war against wastefulness and plastic pollution when travelling and diving the seas of Borneo. What she witnessed affected her so much, she promised herself to reduce her landfill footprint. Convinced that everyone can help by changing daily single-use habits, she began to create reusable plastic free products, making the zero waste path easier to follow. 

Each item is handmade from ethically sourced fabrics in South Wales, UK.

It all started a few years ago in Kiev, when Irina and her sister Anna needed a change in their lives. Determined to express and share their creative talents, they left their office chairs for a world made of cotton yarn and wood. They founded DOMAdecor, a brand that aims at revealing the beauty of nature through qualitative and aesthetically pleasing handcrafted items for the home.

Jane, the owner and creator of Mirins Copenhagen, is a passionate certified Aromatherapist. She started to imagine formulas suitable for her skin after having realised she was allergic to synthetic fragrance and couldn’t find what she needed. She has since then developed a complete range of bath and body care products using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients.

Her brand’s philosophy extends beyond wellbeing by offering a stylish, recycled and 100% biodegradable packaging.

Each item is handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jennie believes that small lifestyle changes made by many can potentially have a huge impact on our oceans’ future. By refusing single-use, we reduce at its source the amount of disposable waste produced and support clean up charities.

She originally started to create eco-friendly items for herself. She now sells them for those of us who actively want to make a difference. She hopes people will notice you using your wrap, bamboo cutlery and re-usable straw, ask about it, and join the movement.

Her company, Creations by Jennie Lee, is based in Newport, England.

Lara and her daughter Sasha felt the need to reduce plastic and waste in their daily lives. Since Lara dreamed of sewing and Sasha, an anatomy painter, loved to be inspired by Nature and create new patterns, they imagined EcoBugBags, a family-run company specializing in both pretty and useful eco-friendly items. 

Their organic cotton and linen bags are handprinted and sewn in Estonia.

Libby’s ceramic journey started back at school where she first fell in love with clay as a material. She then enjoyed creating and working with her hands so much that she decided to do it professionally. Once she refined her skills and found her style, she launched Libby Ballard Ceramics.

Her work is very much influenced by her childhood spent on the Isle of Wight and her student life in Brighton. All her ceramics, infused with a sense of relaxation and comfort, are inspired by the coastal and sea landscape.

Libby is based in Bristol.

Manon, the young woman behind Organic Cocoon, has pretty much always been interested in aromatherapy and floral art. After a few years of hard work in the retail and specialised biological network, she decided to join the crazy entrepreneurial world and express what truly makes her happy : design, fragrances, flowers and well-being.

All her creations are handmade next to Paris, environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

Bottega Zero Waste was born out of Marta’s frustration towards pollution and unnecessary waste.

She had always been looking for natural beauty products without finding the perfect ones. Either they would defeat their purpose by being wrapped up in some shiny and sad plastic packaging, or she couldn’t really understand or trust some of the ingredients.

In an attempt to control both what she was putting on her face and waste, she decided to learn everything she could about green beauty. She now handmakes soaps and solid shampoos in her London studio.

Meda is the owner, creator and photographer of The Raw Linen in Vilnius, Lithuania. She works with her mum Jurate, who is the seamstress.

She likes to say she is obsessed about undyed and stonewashed linen, its texture, rustic feel, and “amazingly sweet smell”.


Early 2018, Oktavia chose to go zero waste and change everything she could in her house. As a costume maker in Nottingham, she realised how much fabric ended up in general waste, trapped between plastics and unable to biodegrade.

She therefore started collecting textiles and scraps destined for landfill, to turn them into reusable everyday life products.

She created The Zero Waste Maker in order to share with others her gracefully recycled alternatives.

Soline and Alix both live in Luxembourg. They became more conscious and concerned about environmental issues following the birth of their children. They decided since then, to take part in preserving our planet. By creating Un Pli à Prendre, they contribute in their way to a more simple, clean and fun world. Their utterly chic furoshiki collection reflects a desire to offer high quality and ethically made accessories that are so versatile you will want to use and reuse them infinitely.

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