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Declutter Your Daily Routine With Our Bamboo Toothbrush!


What if we tell you that you can now take care of your teeth and the planet at the same time. Given the rising plastic pollution, ditching single-use plastic is vital. However, finding quality recyclable toothbrushes can be frustrating. Using sustainable toiletries instead of single-use plastic essentials impacts not only your wallet but also the environment. With eco-friendly adult toothbrushes, you can maintain your dental hygiene routine without breaking the bank. 


Our Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes Are:


  • Light and naturally antibacterial. The handle of this fun toothbrush is made from sustainably grown MOSO bamboo. 

  • Its 62% bio-sourced nylon 6-10 bristles are free from BPA, vegan, and 100% recyclable. They are also available with soft or medium bristles to suit your oral hygiene needs. 

  • Our recyclable bamboo toothbrushes are aesthetically pleasing and have a minimalistic appeal that looks beautiful against any surface. 

  • Besides having a smaller carbon footprint, our adult bamboo toothbrush can fit into your bag to accommodate your travel needs. 

  • We have handcrafted our collection, keeping in mind quality and convenience. Making a simple change in your daily routine can help you preserve the natural world.


Adult Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Composition : MOSO bamboo handle, nylon 6-10 bristles.


    Care : In order to protect the handle, make sure there is no water at the bottom of your toothbrush holder.


    Size : approximately 19 cm


    Packaging : 100% recyclable and compostable cardboard


    How to recycle : the toothbrush is 100% recyclable. However, make sure your local council offers a recycling service for nylon 6-10. If not, you'll first have to either chop the head off or pluck the bristles in order to reach and remove the metallic staple. You can then place the handle in your recycling or compost bin.


    Brand : My Boo Company

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