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Wrapping gifts is a beautiful part of Japanese culture. Furoshiki cloth has a long-standing history in Japan. However, it has recently gained popularity as an eco-friendly bag and wrapping cloth. The richness of the colourful cloth combined with elegant leather or cotton strap makes them the perfect shoulder bag for you and your loved ones. Our blue linen non-lining furoshiki cloth size M can be used for several purposes, such as gift wrapping, transporting valuable items, and even for lightweight travels.


Features of Our Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Furoshiki!


  • It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrapping. You can wrap a present beautifully with a few elegant knots. 

  • You can also use our attractive blue non-lining furoshiki cloth as a stylish shoulder bag. The colourful pattern makes it an eye-catching accessory for any occasion. 

  • The eco-friendly gift wrap furoshiki is functional, reusable, and aesthetically pleasing.


Shop Our Handcrafted & Sustainable Furoshiki Cloth Today! 

At anemone and basilic, we offer stylish and multi-functional blue linen non-lining furoshiki cloth with the best design. The furoshiki cloth, leather and cotton strap are made using natural materials keeping in mind the zero-waste philosophy. Have questions?


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Blue Lining Furoshiki Size M

  • Composition :

    • Furoshiki : washed linen


    Size :

    • Furoshiki : 65 x 65 cm



    • Wash at 60°C maximum
    • Tumble dry at low heat


    Brand : Un pli à prendre

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