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Combine three wonderful products to give your cashmere and wool garments the 5-star treatment. This specialist kit will prolong the life of your delicate garments and keep them looking their best. These natural and sustainable products will help take care of your favourite wool and cashmere, whilst protecting the planet. 


The kit includes :


  • Cashmere and Wool Eco Wash (250ml) : which has amazing all-natural properties for cleaning your cashmere and woollen items, whether for a cool handwash, or a delicate machine cycle. Fragranced with patchouli and bergamot and containing natural moth deterrents.


  • Red Cedarwood Cashmere Comb : Hand-made from carefully selected unstained, untreated & uncoloured sustainable wood, this comb transforms cashmere and wool garments. The natural fibres in cashmere and wool garments inevitably start to bobble and discolour due to friction and general wear and tear, but the effect of combing can be transformational. 


  • Set of three Natural Fragrance Bags : which include a blend of natural fragrances such as sustainably-sourced French lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus. This creates a wonderful fragrance, and is also a natural moth deterrent. For best results, change every 3 months, and crush the flowers regularly to release more fragrance.


Made in the UK

Cashmere And Wool Care Kit

  • Eco Wash For Cashmere and Wool :

    Ingredients : Blend of sandalwood and patchouli. 15 - < 30% oxygen-based bleaching agents, 5 - < 15% soap, < 5% anionic surfactants, non-iconic surfactants, plant-based fragrances. Do not consume.

    How to useHand wash : Fill a basin with cool water. Pour in 2-3 caps per garment, swirl around then place your garments in and submerge. Gently agitate the water, leave for around 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Machine : Use cashmere or delicates wash setting. Pour into the machine drawer. Drying : Dry flat on a towel (never squeeze out water). Any washing of 'dry clean only' items at home is done so at your own risk. Do not consume. Rinse eyes if splashed.

    Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood : hand-made from carefully selected unstained, untreated & uncoloured sustainable wood. Each comb therefore has a totally unique and naturally beautiful appearance. The 3D engraving was also made in a traditional way, with no artificial dyes or chemicals used. Recyclable.

    Natural Fragrance Bag : 100% cotton. Filled with a blend of natural ingredients : sustainably-sourced Yorkshire lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus. ...there's absolutely nothing artificial about it!

    How to use : Place these chemical-free moth deterrent in your cupboards and drawers (especially near anything made from animal fibres, including wool, silk, cashmere, feathers and even leather) and keep the moths away! For best results change every 3 months and crush the flowers regularly to release more fragrance.

    Brand : Clothes Doctor.


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