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In modern times, it can be tricky to find sustainable and safe toys for young children. At anemone & basilic, we have handcrafted pepita calabaza dolls to help children develop fond memories of their childhood memories. Our handmade bear doll is your child’s companion who will encourage their creativity and let their imagination run wild.


Why Should You Buy Our Pepita Calabaza Dolls?


  • At anemone & basilic, we pay special attention to our product making to ensure sustainability and safety. Many plastic toys have harmful BPA that is not safe for kids. Our eco-friendly toys in the UK are made from organic linen and cotton that ensures complete safety. 

  • Whether you are gifting or buying for a special occasion, our pepita calabaza dolls are the perfect addition to your kid’s toy collection. 

  • Child play will encourage fine motor skills and creative development in young children.


Allow Your Children to Grow With Our Handmade Bear Doll!

Get our elegant and delicately embroidered cotton pepita calabaza doll to encourage your children’s emotional intelligence, imagination and help them come up with their own stories and games. With these qualities, your child will be able to explore their interests.


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Pepita Calabaza Bear Doll

£39.00 Regular Price
£29.25Sale Price
  • Composition : organic linen, organic cotton, hypoallergenic cotton, elastic tape, natural dye.


    Care :

    • Hand wash in cold water.
    • Let dry in the shade in order to protect the colours.


    Size : 24 cm


    Brand : Pepita Calabaza



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