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Looking for eco-friendly None Sponges in the UK? Check out our eco-friendly sponges that will help you wash down dirt and grime without harming the environment. These bamboo sponges are made of cotton and organic bamboo, which means it is time to chuck away those micro-plastic sponges that are choking your sink and damaging the environment. 


These eco-friendly sponges UK are also naturally anti-bacterial so you can rest assured about your health. Unlike ordinary plastic sponges, these bamboo sponges UK are bio-degradable. So when you are ready to discard them, all you need to do is cut them up and discard them in a composting bin. 


Easy to clean, all you need to do is thoroughly wash them and wring them dry. You can also throw them into the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry and air-dry them. 


These Non Sponges will last you long if you care for them well. They come in a pack of two, are easily washable, and are the perfect alternative to the nasty plastic sponges that are commonly used for doing dishes. 


So cut down on plastic today, by getting home these beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo sponges!

Set Of 2 None Sponges

  • Composition : organic cotton and bamboo

    Care :

    • wring out thoroughly after use and leave to dry.
    • machine wash with your regular load and finish by air drying
    • your None Sponge should last you very well if cared for properly but should you ever feel like it is ready for the bin, fear not! It is fully compostable : just cut up (carefully) and add to your compost heap.

    Size :  approximately 13 cm x 9 cm

    Brand : Tabitha Eve

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