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These environmentally friendly unsponges are made from recycled fabric. They are durable, washable and reusable. A fantastic alternative to disposable dish sponges !
They come in a pack of 2, so that you always have one at hand if the other one is in the wash.


Handmade in Nottingham, UK



Set Of 2 Eco-Friendly Unsponges

  • Composition

    • Outside : cotton and hessian coffee bag scraps that would normally go to waste. At the end of its life the outside fabric can be cut into pieces and biodegrade in peace in your compost.
    • Filling : recycled wadding.This fill will give a similar feeling to a shop bought sponge. It dries quickly and works really well. The downside is that it doesn't biodegrade quickly. But it is made from recycled materials, saved from going to landfill straight away.



    • Wash at 30°C
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not iron


    Packaging : 100% recyclable


    Brand : The Zero Waste Maker

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