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Did you know that a small change in your daily routine can impact your carbon footprint significantly? If you are thinking about adopting a plastic-free lifestyle, decluttering your kitchen is the first step. With our convenient and eco food wraps, you can store fold supplies, pack your lunch, or wrap essentials. This travel-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cling films are durable, functional, and pleasing for everyday use.  


Made using organic cotton and coated with beeswax, jojoba oil, and natural pine resin, they are safe to use and antimicrobial. Moreover, the chic and aquamarine design is super handy for picnics and lunch-on-the-go.


Buy Our Reusable Food Wraps to Keep Your Food Fresh & Healthy!

Our beeswax food wraps in the UK are your helping hand with zero-waste shopping trips, bagging fruits and vegetables, protecting your soap, toothbrush, and more! Get our bio-degradable set of 3 eco food wraps today and adapt to a zero-waste lifestyle today.


The set includes:


  • 1 small 19 x 19 cm wrap
  • 1 medium 28 x 28 cm wrap
  • 1 large 35 x 35 cm wrap


Handmade in Kaunas, Lithuania

Set Of 3 Beeswax Food Wraps - Aquamarine

  • Composition : organic GOTS certified cotton fabric, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, 100% natural pine tree resin.


    Care :

    • To clean your wraps, simply wipe them with a damp cotton cloth or rinse them under cold or lukewarm water. If needed, use a little bit of dish soap, rinse thoroughly and air dry.
    • Never put your wraps in the oven or the microwave and keep them away from hot surfaces. Allow the food to cool before wrapping it or covering a bowl.


    Brand : Cerawrap


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