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Why not treat someone you love to a delightful, environmentally friendly grooming experience? 


This sustainable shaving gift set includes :


  • A lovely wooden shaving bowl sized to fit your favourite Norse Shaving Soap. Choose from Sandalwood or Bergamot shaving soap.
  • A high quality shaving brush. With its beech handle and first-class synthetic fibre bristles, it will make your recipient's shaving routine enjoyable, and dry fast after use. Extra gentle on the skin, it was specially developed to create a rich lather easily, even with a small amount of shaving soap.

Sustainable Shaving Gift Set

  • Shaving bowl :

    Weight : 200g

    Brand : Norse

    Shaving Soap :

    Ingredients :Potassium Stearate ; Sodium Stearate ; Potassium Tallowate ; Aqua ; Potassium Cocoate ; Sodium Tallowate ; Sodium Cocoate ; Parfum ; Glycerine ; Limonene ; Potassium Hydroxide ; Linalool ; Tetrasodium EDTA ; Tetrasodium Etidronate ; Sodium Hydroxide

    Weight : 75g / 2.6 oz

    Brand : Norse

    Shaving brush :

    Composition : beech , synthetic fibres.

    Size : 10,5 cm x 4,5 cm /35 g

    Brand : Iris Hantverk





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