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Whether you are new to a life with less plastic or want to introduce someone you know to eco-friendly daily essentials, this zero waste kitchen starter kit is exactly what you need.


Content : 


  • set of 3 linen produce bags : these high-quality linen drawstring bags are ideal for carrying your produce and a great way to no longer accept paper and plastic bags. Furthermore, linen is naturally antibacterial and breathable, which makes them excellent for storing your dry foods. You can also use them as a shoe or laundry bag when travelling.The set includes : 1 small 20 x 30 cm bag, 2 medium 25 x 35 cm bags. Handmade in Vilnius, Lithuania


  • set of 2 unsponges : These environmentally friendly unsponges are made from recycled fabric. They are durable, washable and reusable. A fantastic alternative to disposable dish sponges ! They come in a pack of 2, so that you always have one at hand if the other one is in the wash. Handmade in Nottingham, UK


  • set of 5 cotton unpaper towels : Replace paper kitchen towels with these beautiful single ply waffle cotton towels.The weave makes them super absorbent and excellent for wiping down surfaces. They won't just smear muck around. Handmade in South Wales, UK


  • XXL beeswax food wrap : ditch the cling film! This lovely beeswax food wrap is a great thing to have in the kitchen. It keeps your vegetables, bread, cheese and herbs fresh for longer. It is also ideal for covering large bowls and dishes. Durable, easy to clean and functional, it has a smooth texture and a sweet natural beeswax smell. Feel free to cut it if you want to wrap smaller foods. Handmade in Kaunas, Lithuania


Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit

  • set of 3 linen produce bags

    • composition : 100% linen 
    • care : machine or hand wash in cold water, air dry, iron
    • brand : The Raw Linen


    set of 2 unsponges

    • composition : outside : cotton and hessian coffee bag scraps that would normally go to waste. At the end of its life the outside fabric can be cut into pieces and biodegrade in peace in your compost. / Filling : recycled wadding which will give a similar feeling to a shop bought sponge. It dries quickly and works really well. The downside is that it doesn't biodegrade quickly. But it is made from recycled materials, saved from going to landfill straight away.
    • care :  wash at 30°C / do not tumble dry / do not iron
    • packaging : 100% recyclable
    • brand : The Zero Waste Maker


    set of 5 cotton unpaper towels

    • composition : 100% single ply cotton
    • care : wash cool and hang to dry. It is normal for this fabric to shrink up to 10% upon first wash.
    • size : 24 x 24 cm
    • brand : Tabitha Eve


    XXL beeswax food wrap

    • composition : organic GOTS certified cotton fabric, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, 100% natural pine tree resin.
    • care : to clean your wraps, simply wipe them with a damp cotton cloth or rinse them under cold or lukewarm water. If needed, use a little bit of dish soap, rinse thoroughly and air dry. / Never put your wraps in the oven or the microwave and keep them away from hot surfaces. Allow the food to cool before wrapping it or covering a bowl.
    • size : 35 x 45 cm
    • brand : Cerawrap
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