We are committed to bringing you eco-friendly alternatives to your daily essentials and helping you reduce waste without compromising on style and beauty. We know that change can sometimes feel overwhelming, but if you find the right products, you won't miss a thing.


Best Place To Buy Eco-Friendly Products


zero waste washing up soap

Supporting Sustainable Lifestyle for a Better Future

The Best Place to Buy Eco-Friendly Products in the UK

If you are looking for ways to do your bit in protecting our planet, anemone and basilic can help you. We have launched our zero waste online store to promote plastic-free shopping. We are dedicated to ensuring easy accessibility of environmentally friendly products at great prices.

From beauty products to reusable coffee cups and bathroom essentials to kitchen products, you can buy high-quality, eco-friendly products to meet all your needs. We also offer perfect gifts for friends and family that are thoughtful and useful.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Products to Reduce Waste

We fiercely believe in helping our customers find eco-friendly alternatives that allow them to support an eco-conscious lifestyle. This is why we are committed to being a zero-waste store, providing plastic-free and recyclable products.

Plastic-Free Alternatives for Your Home

Anemone and basilic feature an assortment of daily essentials to meet the varied demands of every home. We offer carefully selected products to make your everyday life more sustainable. You can browse through our range of kitchen essentials and bathroom products to find what suits your needs. We also feature eco-friendly children’s products.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

If you want to help others lead a sustainable life, you can explore our Gifts selection to make any occasion more special and unique. Our assortment also includes a variety of travel products to make travelling easy.

100% Recyclable and Compostable Packaging

We ensure our packing is not damaging to the environment by using recycled paper, renewable kraft paper, eco parcel tape, and other alternatives.


Show some love for this planet by beginning your journey towards a greener life today! Browse our zero waste online store to buy environmentally friendly products.



SThis cutlery wrap is very useful and easy to carry around. I'm very happy with the quality! I will certainly order more products.


SI love my bathroom kit. My skin is so soft after using the soap! I used the linen bag as a toiletry travel bag. I would definitely choose this product for a nice gift to a friend.


I am so glad to have finally found a greener alternative to wash the dishes! And it came beautifully wrapped in a nice cloth that I will make sure to use again.


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