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Take a Step Towards Sustainable Living with Cloth Produce

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

While everyone understands that single-use plastics are highly damaging to the environment, there are moments where you are caught up for choice. You may start carrying water bottles to avoid purchasing plastic bottles from outside or stop using plastic shopping bags, but is that enough? Did you know that produce bags that fruits and vegetables come in are as harmful as plastic bottles?

A smart alternative to plastic produce bags is reusable produce bags such as linen drawstring bags. Reusable bags are made of bio-degradable materials, easy to clean and can be easily reused.

So before you pick out a reusable produce bag, here are a few things you must consider:

Things to Consider While Buying Reusable Produce Bags

Try Homemade Produce Bags

You can make your produce bags at home. If you are going DIY, you can pick out the fabric, stitch a bag that is of the size you need, etc. However, you can stitch one only if you have a sewing machine at home. If you don't, check out the collection of produce bags at anemone and basilic and take your pick from pretty linen drawstring bags and baguette bags in the UK.

Second-Hand Fabrics

You can either make reusable produce bags at home or purchase them from stores such as anemone and basilic. If you are purchasing a bag made of second-hand fabric, make sure to check if the material can be machine washed or washed in hot water. You can avoid produce bags made of mosquito nets as they usually contain chemicals that could cause stomach issues.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is crucial while purchasing a reusable produce bags. While you may want to pick out the lightest mesh bags for your grocery shopping, also bear in mind that these bags can be used for carrying only fruits and veggies. You cannot use them for carrying grains and flour.

For such products, you will need cotton bags. Even as you pick cotton reusable produce bags, make sure you pick the lightest among the lot.

The best solution is to purchase a mix of reusable produce bags.

If you are looking for reusable produce bags that are easy to maintain and easy on the environment, you should check out the array of eco-friendly produce bags that anemone and basilic have put together.

Give Your Kitchen A Touch of Green with Our Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

Anemone and basilic is a leading portal where you can buy eco-friendly kitchen products online in the UK. You will find a wide range of reusable produce bags comprising linen drawstring bags, baguette bags, etc. in our collection. These bags are not just beautiful on the outside but also highly functional, made of eco-friendly material and easy on the pocket.

Anemone and basilic offers you a grand array of attractive products for your kitchen to highly efficient products for your bathroom. To know more you can visit anemone and basilic website. For more information, you can write to us at


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