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7 Easy Ways to Detox Your Kitchen

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Before you take up a detox regime for yourself, give your kitchen a detox. We have all been spending a lot of hours in our kitchens post the pandemic-induced lockdown. As popular eateries and restaurants remained shut, we took up the thrill of experimenting with cuisines and new dishes in our very own kitchens.

However, as the world is slowly staggering back to a new normal, it is time that we revisit our approach towards the ambience of our kitchens and stock up on eco-friendly kitchen products. With carefully picked out tools that give you a sense of sustainable and healthy living, your outlook towards your food and well-being is bound to change.

Here are seven easy ways to give your kitchen the detox it badly needs:

Shop Responsibly & Smartly

To start with, throw out that plastic bag that you use for purchasing your food items. You can find pretty jute bags that are not just easier to carry around but are environment-friendly too and are easy on the pocket.

Check out the tote bags at anemone and basilic, handmade in Lithuania. You can find these bags in beautiful shades too.

Stock Up on Eco-Friendly Cooking Tools

When you have green and eco-friendly tools, you will feel more motivated to walk down the healthy living path. Did you know that a lot of the products that you use daily in your kitchen have toxic elements? If you want to embark on a healthy life journey, the first thing you must do it replace your kitchen tools with green options.

For instance, most people store their bread in a plastic container. However, you can switch to products such as the linen bread bag or baguette bag UK by anemone and basilic. You can also replace your plastic wrapping papers with the reusable beeswax wrap by anemone and basilic.

Bid Goodbye to Plastic Wrapping Paper

Plastic cling wraps are commonly used by a lot of people across the world to quickly wrap sandwiches for a picnic or wrap up a bowl of food that is to be placed in a refrigerator. If you have been looking for a greener and environment-friendly option for plastic cling wrap, check out reusable beeswax wraps and fabric bowl covers by anemone and basilic. Made of 100 per cent linen, these wraps can be reused several times.

Find Eco-Friendly Storage Options

From the dish-wash to food items, holders and containers are needed for several items in the kitchen. And the easiest answer most of us find to this requirement is plastic. But not anymore!

Check out the eco-friendly kitchen products including beautiful ceramic bowls, ceramic soap dish and wooden containers by anemone and basilic.

Get Beautiful Eco-Friendly Kitchen Towels

All of us need kitchen towels to wipe our hands and clean the kitchen area after cooking. You can now throw out unhealthy kitchen towels and replace them with eco-friendly kitchen towels.

Made of pure linen, reusable and a hundred per cent environment friendly, anemone and basilic have manufactured these beautiful and highly-functional kitchen towels. They are not just easy on the environment but your pocket too.

Do Away with Plastic Soap Containers

Plastic soap containers become unsightly after repeated use. So if you are about to replace your plastic soap container, hold on! Check out the solid ceramic soap dishes from anemone and basilic. These ceramic bowls are plastic-free.

In addition to this, we have also created a range of solid dish soaps, which are like the liquid soaps. However, they are solid and do not require any plastic bottle, reducing the use of plastic.

Throw Plastic Scrubbers out the Window

There is nothing more repulsive than droopy, worn-out plastic dish scrubbers. Instead of replacing your old plastic scrubber with another plastic scrubber, get yourself a set of Eco-friendly sponges from anemone and basilic. These scrubbers are made of breathable and anti-bacterial fabric which ensures hygiene and good health.

Give Your Kitchen A Touch of Green with Our Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

anemone and basilic is a zero waste online store for eco-friendly kitchen products online in the UK. From attractive products for your kitchen to highly efficient products for your bathroom, you can visit anemone and basilic. For more information, you can write to us at


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