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Tips to Promote Zero Waste Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Many people are switching their daily habits to a zero-waste lifestyle. Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle means that you are eliminating single-use plastic and opting for reusable and sustainable alternatives. The end goal of adopting this lifestyle is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in your home and look for better options. It may sound overwhelming but in reality, it is easier to implement. If you want to learn more about how to follow a zero-waste lifestyle, here are some easy ways to get started.

6 Easy Tips to Promote a Zero Waste Lifestyle!

  • Shop For Online Zero Waste Products

A zero-waste lifestyle involves creating meaningful experiences and making room for sustainable products. You can start it by shopping for online zero waste products. Eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom products that are long-lasting and serve as a better alternative to plastic one-use products. For food storage, you can use fabric bowl covers and reusable wraps. On the other hand, to make your bathroom sustainable, you can use products that have natural materials.

  • Eliminate Plastic Bags While Shopping

You can be sustainable even when shopping. You can look for online zero waste products that include grocery shopping bags made from organic materials such as linen and cotton. Instead of tearing off plastic bags every time you go grocery shopping, you should use reusable produce bags and grocery shopping bags. That way, you can reduce the amount of plastic waste generated every year and they also look stylish when going on shopping trips.

  • Ditch Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is one of the biggest culprits of landfill waste. There are many alternatives to plastic packaging. Many companies are using recyclable and reusable packaging made from organic materials that include fabrics and cardboard wrapping.

Hence, while shopping for online zero waste products, ensure that they provide you with reusable packaging options.

  • Get Sustainable On-the-Go Products

Our daily lives may be busy, but they can also be sustainable. Whether you are traveling or need on-the-go products, ensure that you get online zero-waste products made from natural materials. Your on-the-go products can include reusable fabric bowl covers, ceramic travel mugs, linen tote bags, and others.

  • Simplify Your Personal Care Routine

The use of one-off makeup wipes may seem quick and convenient, but they are not helping solve the global waste problem. Instead of throwing away makeup wipes every day, use reusable fabric rounds. They are effective in removing your makeup and are a sustainable alternative to their one-use counterparts. They last longer and do not clutter your bathroom.

  • Make Room For Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Chemical cleaners have abrasive ingredients and come packaged in plastic bottles. Look for cleaning supplies with eco-friendly and green ingredients. That way, you can keep your laundry fresh and clean by successfully avoiding harmful chemicals and plastic bottles. Eco-friendly cleaners come with reusable bottles that are versatile and effective.

  • Eliminate Disposables From Your Home

Paper towels, plastic on-the-go cutlery, one-use sponges can be easily replaced with better reusable alternatives. You can look for online zero waste products such as reusable linen towels, sandwich bags, eco-friendly sponges, and wooden cutlery to become more sustainable with your resources.

Start Your Zero-Waste Lifestyle With Our Sustainable products!

At anemone & basilic, we follow the principles of zero-waste in everything we do! Our zero waste online store features high-quality products that are suitable for daily use and even gifting. Ditch harmful plastic waste today by shopping for the best sustainable products! You can drop us a quick mail at for any queries!


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