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Thinking Green: Simple Bath Products Swaps You Need to Do!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The demand for sustainable bath products is increasing and for a good reason. There is a whole lot of plastic waste in our bathrooms that you may not even be aware of. Also, many bath products contain toxic ingredients. If you are thinking about adopting a sustainable lifestyle, the best thing you can start doing is reevaluate your bathroom essentials and make essentials swaps. Here are a few bath product swap ideas you can make to make your daily routine a lot more enjoyable and sustainable.

5 Simple Sustainable Swaps That You Need to Do!

  • Get Reusable Cotton Pads

Are you using single-use face wipes to remove your make-up and apply toner? By switching to reusable cotton pads, you can reduce a lot of landfill waste caused by disposable make-up removing wipes and one-use cotton rounds. Reusable cotton pads are an essential sustainable bath product to have in your daily-use kit. Not only do they work just as well, but also made from organic materials that can be recycled again.

  • Opt for a Bamboo Toothbrush

With an organic bamboo toothbrush, you can take care of your teeth and also of the planet. Typically, your toothbrush needs replacement every 2-3 months. Plastic toothbrushes contribute to an already big global waste problem. Since bamboo is a natural plant, it is a sustainable resource and a perfect alternative to harmful plastic. There are many sustainable bath products available that you can choose from. You can find high-quality bamboo toothbrushes that are made from organic materials and totally recyclable.

  • Try a Shampoo Bar

Are you surprised to hear that shampoo bars are more sustainable alternatives to shampoo bottles? Shampoo bottles usually come in plastic bottles and don’t even last as long as shampoo bars. As shampoo bars come wrapped in recyclable paper boxes, they cut the need for excessive plastic packaging. This sustainable bath product is travel-friendly and cleans away the chemical residue left behind from using traditional shampoos. Retain the shine of your hair by using eco-friendly and zero-waste shampoo bars.

  • Switch to an Eco-friendly Shaving Kit

When thinking about plastic waste, you may think about straws, nail polish removers, utensils, and much more. However, your shaving kit can also contribute significantly to this waste problem. To ensure that your bathroom has sustainable bath products, you can swap your shaving kit for a sustainable one. You can look for zero waste shaving tools such as organic shaving soap, eco-friendly synthetic fiber shaving brush, stainless steel safety razors, and others. Ditch the disposable plastic shaving tools for a cleaner and eco-friendly alternative.

  • Save on Soap with a Soap Bar

Bar soaps, like the shampoo bars, don’t contribute to waste. They are better sustainable bath products when you compare them with their counterparts. Liquid soaps and body wash come in plastic packaging and contain various moisture-stripping chemicals. Solid soap bars, on the other hand, have hydrating essential oils and last longer. Swapping to a soap bar is an eco-friendly decision and has many benefits.

Shop Sustainable Bath Products From Our Exclusive Range!

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